Audio listening more popular than ever in 2021

New report shows that radio listening is on the rise

Audacy’s “State of Audio” 2021 report is out and it confirms what everyone involved with radio advertising already knew, audio listening and audio advertising are booming!

Audio listening is up

According to Audacy, listening is up:

  • 44% at home
  • 43% using smart speakers
  • 26% podcast listening

Why would audio listening be up so much? Part of it might be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. When people were stuck at home or trying to social distance, they may have turned to audio listening. The trend towards smart speakers and listening to podcasts was already happening pre-pandemic and may have been accelerated by it.

Audio listeners pay more attention

  • 60% more than social media
  • 54% more than broadcast television
  • 49% more than cable television
  • 42% more than video streaming

Why do people pay more attention to audio than other forms of media? When you listen to audio, depending on what you are listening to, you tend to use your imagination and really focus on picturing what you are hearing. Audacy says that radio is more immersive than other forms of media, with a score of 57 on the immersion index vs 54 for digital video and 52 for both tv and social media.

People trust audio

Audacy says that people trust audio more than other forms of media, with audio earning a trust score of 69% compared to:

  • 64% for tv
  • 60% for Google
  • 57% for print
  • 56% for social media
  • 47% for YouTube

Why would people trust the radio more than other forms of media? Part of it may come down to the programing being listened to. Radio listeners are loyal to their programs, and often will come to trust the program, host, or DJ.

Audio advertising is benefiting

With audio having more listeners than ever and those listeners giving more of their attention and trust than they give to other forms of media, audio advertising has benefited greatly. Audio ads are currently the best way to reach both Millenials and Gen Z, they are extremely cost effective, tracking is better than ever before, and radio ads are currently the number one most effective form of advertising.

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At Hybrid Media, we purchase millions of dollars of low-cost media each week, resulting in significant savings for all of our clients.

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