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As a result of the substantial amount of audio advertising we purchase, Hybrid’s clients benefit from some of the lowest rates in the industry.


Whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C, locally or nationally, direct response or branding, we can help promote your product or service.


In order to maximize any campaign, Hybrid Media puts an emphasis on evaluating the details of every dollar spent.


From constant testing and roll-out, every audio channel is continually optimized for maximum ROI performance.


An important tool for an effective campaign for clients is Hybrid Media’s vast historical rate and category performance database.


Put 300+ years of marketing and media experience to work. We’ve built un-matched marketplace knowledge so you don’t have to.

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FM Radio Advertising

FM radio advertising focuses on delivering ROI by quickly capturing the attention of listeners and leading them to a call to action. At Hybrid Media, we purchase millions of dollars of low-cost media each week, resulting in significant savings for our clients.
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FM Radio Advertising FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about FM Radio

Radio advertising consists of two primary costs: production and distribution. The distribution costs are the most expensive portion and can range from $200 to $5,000 per week depending on your location and chosen station.

The main factor that affects cost is the number of people who will be listening to your ad. Therefore, spots during the morning and evening commute will cost more than spots late at night. Likewise, playing an ad in a big city will cost more than an ad spot in a small town.

92% of Americans listen to the radio every week -59% of Americans listen to the radio every day -There are over 6000 radio stations in the US alone -25% of individuals get more interested in brands due to radio ads Radio remains the most accessible media.

In a nutshell, advertising on radio gives your brand or business broad-scale reach in a relatively cost-effective manner. Using radio listener data, businesses can select stations that will best match their target audience. And because radio is often listened to in a habitual way (e.g. on the drive to work in the morning, five days a week), businesses can maximize the exposure of their brand to the consumer.

FM radio ad rates vary in price depending on the market, station, show, time of day, and more. FM radio ads with a small town station in the midwest may be only $50 a week, whereas the FM radio advertising cost for the same ad at the same time of day with a popular station in New York City could be thousands.

In order to get started with FM radio advertising, you would need to buy ad space with a radio station or network as well as create an ad to run. At Hybrid Media, we specialize in helping our clients buy radio ad space to effectively advertise to their target audience with a positive return on ad spend. Contact us today to discuss your radio advertising campaign.

Yes, advertising on the radio can be an effective way to market to your target audience. As radio has grown into a wide swath of channels, many of which are very niche, there is likely a way to reach the exact audience you want through radio, at reasonable prices when compared to other marketing channels and with high engagement.

Radio advertising has shown to be a cost effective way to advertise to a wide audience with high engagement, earning a high return on ad spend.

FM radio ad rates vary by market, station, show, and time of day.