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How we work

Hybrid Media has spent over 15 years with a singular focus on leveraging the power of radio to benefit our clients. With a 100% focus on radio advertising, we aren’t distracted by other marketing channels.

Delivering the results

We leverage the four platforms of radio – AM/FM, Satellite, Streaming and Podcasts – to deliver the results you define as “success.”

Spotify Advertising

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Spotify advertising focuses on delivering ROI by quickly capturing the attention of listeners and leading them to a call to action. At Hybrid Media, we purchase millions of dollars of low-cost media each week, resulting in significant savings for our clients. How much can you save?

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Full Transparency

From initial planning to post-campaign, we guarantee to provide the most accurate data that will heighten expectations for all advertising businesses.


Hybrid Media has years of historical data that will ensure we are providing focused and optimal media execution to achieve your company goals.


Hybrid provides a full-service of creative possibilities. We strive to prove our creative messaging works from copy collaboration to the finished recorded production.


The Hybrid team has decades of extensive advertising and marketing experience, with knowledge in direct response radio, podcasting & streaming.


Keeping the client’s performance in mind, we continually optimize media to maximize ROI. Our goal is to ensure every dollar is spent efficiently to drive response.

Discover How Spotify Advertising Can Get You Higher Quality Leads – Faster Than Other Advertising Channels

Spotify Radio Audience

1 M
Monthly Users

Spotify has over 365 Million monthly active users. 

1 %
Of Streaming Market

Spotify makes up 33.8% of the music streaming marketplace. 

1 M

Spotify has over 487 Million subscribers.

Why Run A Spotify Radio Campaign?

As music streaming services continue to surge in popularity, Spotify has continued to maintain a large market share. Running ads on Spotify is a great way for your brand to reach a large, national audience, in particular Gen Z and Millenials. Contact us today to inquire about our radio ad network and how we can help you run Spotify radio ads today.


Case Studies


Insurance Client X was launched with the goal of providing worker’s compensation legal services exclusively to small businesses.


Kane11 was launched with the goal of providing sock sizes for men and women that are the exact size of your feet via the direct to consumer marketplace.


We work with the following audio advertising services

Spotify Advertising FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about Spotify ads

When advertising on Spotify, you’re likely to pay $0.015-$0.025 per ad served. The cost of advertising on Spotify varies depending on factors such as ad format, targeting options, and the size of your campaign. Spotify typically uses a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) model for ad pricing.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions ran a study in 2017 that found Spotify ads were 25% more effective than normal ads. 

Spotify offers various ad formats, including audio ads, video ads, and display ads. Audio ads are the most common format and are played during ad-supported free music streaming. Video ads are shown during ad-supported listening sessions, and display ads appear on the Spotify app and web player.

Yes, Spotify provides targeting options to reach specific audiences. You can target based on factors such as age, gender, location, interests, and music preferences. Spotify uses its extensive data and user insights to help you reach your desired audience.

Yes, Spotify provides reporting and analytics tools to track the performance of your ads. You can monitor metrics such as impressions, click-through rates, and engagement to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Yes, Spotify has creative guidelines that outline specifications for audio ads, video ads, and display ads. These guidelines ensure that your ads meet the technical requirements and are delivered seamlessly to Spotify’s users.

Yes, as an artist or podcaster, you can promote your own music or podcasts on Spotify through the Spotify for Artists or Spotify for Podcasters platforms. These platforms provide promotional tools and insights to help you reach and grow your audience.