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Hybrid Media has spent over 15 years with a singular focus on leveraging the power of radio to benefit our clients. With a 100% focus on radio advertising, we aren’t distracted by other marketing channels.

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We leverage the four platforms of radio – AM/FM, Satellite, Streaming and Podcasts – to deliver the results you define as “success.”

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From initial planning to post-campaign, we guarantee to provide the most accurate data that will heighten expectations for all advertising businesses.


Hybrid Media has years of historical data that will ensure we are providing focused and optimal media execution to achieve your company goals.


Hybrid provides a full-service of creative possibilities. We strive to prove our creative messaging works from copy collaboration to the finished recorded production.


The Hybrid team has decades of extensive advertising and marketing experience, with knowledge in direct response radio, podcasting & streaming.


Keeping the client’s performance in mind, we continually optimize media to maximize ROI. Our goal is to ensure every dollar is spent efficiently to drive response.

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Sports Radio Audience

1 %

A large majority of the audience tuning into sports radio is male.

1 M
Gen Z listeners

Sports radio is widely listened to by Gen Z, currently ages 35-54. 

1 %
of listeners

have annual incomes in excess of $75,000. 

Why Run A Sports Radio Campaign?

Running a sports radio campaign is a unique opportunity for your brand to reach an audience that is mainly male and largely Gen Z and Millenials. Contact us today to inquire about our radio ad network and how we can help you run sports radio ads today.


Case Studies


Insurance Client X was launched with the goal of providing worker’s compensation legal services exclusively to small businesses.


Kane11 was launched with the goal of providing sock sizes for men and women that are the exact size of your feet via the direct to consumer marketplace.


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Sports Radio Advertising FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about national radio ads

Radio advertising costs range from $200 to $5,000 per week, on average, depending on location and the size of the listening audience. As a guidepost for radio advertising costs, not surprisingly, the cost of traditional radio advertising is higher in larger, more competitive markets. For example, in New York City, the cost of a 30-second radio ad is much as $1,405, while in Topeka, Kansas, that 30-second radio ad costs just $25.

Sports fans are among radio’s most passionate and responsive listeners. They live-and-die with every play and then talk about it, around-the-clock, until the next game. Here’s a critical list of Do’s and Don’ts to get the most out of Sports Radio Advertising.

IN-GAME BROADCASTS ARE GREAT FOR BRANDING, LOUSY FOR DIRECT RESPONSE – Who wants to stop listening to the game to make a phone call for more information about a product or service? Save your DR buys for out-of-game placements if you’re tracking ROI.

SPORTS TALK HOSTS CAN BE GREAT SPOKESPERSONS – To Sports Talk listeners, these guys are their real life pals who just happen to know everything about sports. Who better to pitch your product or service?

SPORTS RADIO IS A GREAT PLACE TO REACH MEN – A typical Sports Radio station has a 75%-95% male audience base. It’s the best AM/FM format to reach Men with little waste outside of gender.

KEEP YOUR COPY FRESH – Sports fanatics are typically focused on two things; the last game and the next game. Find ways to keep your copy topical and timely to tap into their “in the moment” mindset. Let Hybrid Media with it’s own full service in house creative team, help Whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C, locally or nationally, direct response or branding, we can efficiently promote your product or service. Call us today!

Radio typically has wide reach, high engagement, and high ROI, all at relatively low costs compared to other marketing channels. If you want to reach a mostly male audience, sports radio can be an extremely effective way to do it.

As you’d probably expect, sports radio is mainly listened to by males in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. ESPN Radio noted that 80 to 90 percent of their listeners across their more than 400 affiliates were male.

At Hybrid Media, we help advertisers buy placement on the radio to get their ads in front of their target audience with positive returns of ad spend.

Having the host of a sports talk show read your ad live (a “live read”), giving a personal anecdote, during a break in their show will likely give you the best engagement, but those spots can be more expensive than other ads. 

Having an ad during a game will likely give poor engagement, as listeners won’t want to take a break from the game to respond to an ad, yet those ads, if played often, can be effective at building brand awareness. 

As to which sort of ad is best for sports radio, it really depends on what product or service you are trying to sell, and whether you are trying to get listeners to engage immediately.

A few strategies for sports radio advertising include:

  1. Have a sports talk show host live read your ad, giving a personal anecdote
  2. Use sports personalities in your ads, like former players
  3. Keep your ads fresh; sports fans live in the moment and care about the next game, which is something you can integrate into your ads
  4. Give offers that depend on the result of the game; some fast food chains will give away free fries or similar when their local team scores a certain amount

Sports radio is a cost effective way to reach a wide, mostly male audience. Nielsen data shows that these listeners are also typically more educated than the general population and are in the 30-60 age range. For these reasons, sports radio can be an excellent choice for advertisers to reach their target audience.