How To Target Millennials With Radio Ads

Learn how to advertise to millennials through radio ads

With over 80 million people identifying as millennials, they are now the largest single demographic in the US, overtaking baby boomers with a little over 70 million people; Gen X has 65 million and Gen Z 67 million.

In 2016, Millennials became the largest percentage of the US workforce, making up over a third of all US workers. That number has only increased since then.

The numbers are clear, if you are selling any sort of service or product, Millennials are a generation that cannot be ignored. If you are planning to advertise on the radio, they have to be part of your strategy.

Do millennials listen to the radio?

Yes, millennials listen to the radio. In fact, millennials are now the largest demographic listening to radio, with over 72 million millennials listening to the radio each week. As there are a little over 80 million people identifying as millennials, that is 90% of millennials that listen to the radio!

A recent study actually found that millennials spend 18 hours per week, or 2.6 hours per day,  listening to radio, streaming music, podcasts, and more. This compares to 17.2 hours for the general population.

Millennials and music – What stations are millennials listening to?

As millennials now make up the bulk of listeners, what’s true for radio listeners in general is true of millennials. They are listening to the most popular stations and shows, using the most popular services, etc.

As technology has evolved and radio services have gone digital, millennials have led the way with adoption. Millennials are more likely to listen to a streaming service or paid radio than other generations.

While millennials are listening to a wide range of stations, there are a few differences in radio listening habits for millennials when compared to their parents’ generation.

Millennials typically have less loyalty to stations or shows and are willing to change listening habits easier than previous generations. If they are listening to radio over the air, they are more likely to station surf when ads come on.

Millennials also seem to favor podcasts. Podcasts now make up 10% of millennial listening time.

Are there different advertising channels that are more effective for ads targeting millennials?

As millennials are such a large and varied audience that is spread out over many services, pretty much anywhere your radio ad is placed will likely be heard by millennials. However, there are definitely some strategies you can use to get your ads in front of more millennials.

Millennials are more likely to be using streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, they also are more likely to listen to podcasts. Going further, there are even specific shows and times when you are more likely to have millennials listening.

How can my radio ad specifically target millennials?

Your radio ad certainly can be configured to appeal to millennials in particular.

Some strategies you might consider include:

  1. Be authentic – Millennials hate being marketing to or having things hyped up to them.
  2. Experiences over materials things – Millennials value experiences over possessions
  3. Take it online – Millennials are more likely to use online services or shop online, so be sure to mention your website or app
  4. Be responsible – Millennials love socially conscious companies and using that could help convert them into customers
  5. Think different – Millennials love innovation and will appreciate something that stands out
  6. Get personal – Millennials would like to be advertised to on a more personal level, not as one big group.  Having a podcast host or MC read an ad or tell a personal story about a product or service is likely going to be more effective than “commercial” type ads.


Millennials are now such a large demographic that they simply cannot be ignored. They make up the largest group of radio listeners and are the largest demographic in the workforce.

However, they also are a highly digitally savvy group that don’t want to be overtly marketed to, which can make them a little more complicated to advertise to.

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