Run National Radio
Commercials Today

Run National Radio Commercials Today

National Radio Advertising with Hybrid Media


As a result of the substantial amount of audio advertising we purchase, Hybrid’s clients benefit from some of the lowest national radio advertising rates in the industry.


Whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C, locally or nationally, direct response or branding, we can efficiently promote your product or service.


To maximize each campaign, Hybrid Media puts an emphasis on evaluating the details of every dollar spent.


From testing through roll-out, every audio channel is continually optimized for maximum ROI performance.


Hybrid Media’s vast historical rate and category performance database minimizes testing risk and cost.


Put our team’s 300+ years of marketing and media experience to work for you.

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National Radio Ads Made Easy

National radio advertising focuses on delivering ROI by quickly capturing the attention of listeners and leading them to a call to action. At Hybrid Media, we purchase millions of dollars of low-cost media each week, resulting in significant savings for our clients. How much can you save?

Why Run A National Radio Campaign?

Running a national radio campaign allows your brand or message to be heard across the US and reach the most listeners possible. Contact us today to inquire about our radio ad network and how we can help you run national radio ads today.

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National Radio Advertising FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about national radio ads

Most people who buy radio don’t just buy one ad on one channel. They buy frequency, over a few channels at various times. The channels should have content that skews to the audiences you are trying to reach. That’s where HYBRID MEDIA can help. We’ll focus on the advertising details, you focus on your business. Call us today.

The costs will differ depending on what kind of campaign you want to run, but the good news is that national radio advertising campaigns with Hybrid Media will provide you with measurable results. It’s fairly easy to receive information on how many prospects are clicking on your ads or completing the forms that you have requested information for. The more data you have, the better. Over the years, Hybrid Media has purchased hundreds of millions of dollars on Network, Satellite, Local and Podcast advertising audio, giving us the ability to test and scale efficiently for multiple verticals.

Advertisers can choose between two types of network radio buys: Network and Syndication.

Network Buys: Advertisers buy time in all national markets based on demographics. These buys offer great coverage, lower frequency and high efficiency due to low rates, usually set under .$5 CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Syndication Buys: Advertisers buy time in specific radio shows like “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” “The Howard Stern Show” and others; these programs are purchased on consumer demographics, interests and content-relevancy. For reach and targeted frequency, combine a syndication buy with a national buy.

Radio reaches more Americans each week than any other platform, at a whopping 92% of the 18+ population. it comes to stretching across age, gender and ethnicity, advertisers can count on radio to connect with more consumers than TV, mobile or digital.

Audio-based content is one of this decade’s booming media trends, capturing the imaginations of consumers across all devices and wherever they go. It is audio that drives the podcast, the streaming services and the smart speaker — not to mention, audio being the critical element that enhances video messages.

Call the experts at Hybrid Media today to find out not only how, but more importantly, why? It might make better sense for you to advertise across not only your favorite radio station, but on other stations to reach your best customer. Put our team’s 300+ years of marketing and media experience to work for you today and call us.

National network radio is a cost-efficient way to accomplish large reach across many demographic segments of various interests and life stages.

If you are currently investing in 8-15 major radio markets, it may be time to consider national network radio.

Tap into syndicated programming talent with endorsements to influence their loyal listeners into considering your product or service.

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