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You can take advantage of our 13+ years experience of
buying large amounts of audio advertising, including
iHeart. Hybrid’s clients benefi t from some of the lowest
rates in the industry


Whether you’re targeting B2B or B2C, locally or
nationally, Direct Response or Branding, we create
a message that is engaging, longer lasting and more
impactful, and connects with your listener.


In order to maximize your campaign, Hybrid Media looks
at; where, when, and how–from cost and revenue projections to campaign allocation and performance.


Sophisticated media-to-sales attribution and robust ROI
measurement through proprietary technology. Critical,
detailed information to give brands a clear picture about
what media is driving success.


In important tool for an effective campaign for clients
is Hybrid Media’s vast historical rate and category
database. Analysis and data that provides insights and
gives a distinct competitive advantage.


Put 300+ years of marketing and media experience to
work. We’ve built un-matched marketplace knowledge
so you don’t have to. But that’s what you’d expect from
a full-service advertising agency 100% focused on
radio, isn’t it?

iHeart Radio Advertising Done Right

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Reaching 850 Radio Stations in Over 150 Markets

How can you truly know your cost per acquisition if you are in the dark about the actual cost of your media? That’s why unlike some iHeart radio advertising agencies, at Hybrid we provide our clients with precise affidavits for all iHeart radio ads or media purchased.

With so much at stake – and so little time to prove the model profitable – we learned quickly how to structure and produce a successful iHeart radio commercial. We also discovered which radio stations, channels, programs and networks outperformed others with identical audience ratings. Over 13+ years, we’ve parlayed those campaigns into success for countless clients that could articulate what success looked like for their brand and then trusted Hybrid Mediato work its magic.


We do our homework and use the latest technology


We listen and plan according to your goals and objectives


We are fluent in effective and direct messaging


We find the shows that perfectly sync with you


We collect and meticulously analyze data

In Our Corner

Client Testimonials

"When it comes to radio advertising, no one beats Hybrid Media Services. In a short period of time, with their help developing strategic and low-cost Radio and TV campaigns, they have been instrumental in Wesley Financial Services becoming one of the largest timeshare cancellation companies in the country."
Chuck McDowell
"Hybrid Media has been LW Direct’s radio arm for over 10 years. We are grateful for the excellent job Hybrid Media Services has done in helping with our client’s radio needs. Their full transparency & expertise from in-house creative through media & analytics has resulted in many of our clients achieving marketing success"
Benjamin Speight
EVP, Director of Client Services,
Lockard & Wechsler Direct
"For over 8 years, Hybrid Media has delivered low-cost leads for Community Tax’s radio ad campaign. From buying to reporting to creative services, Hybrid does it all, and does it well."
Jacob Dayan
Community Tax
Hybrid Media Services is proud to be a leader in the direct response digital audio industry. We are seasoned experts in Remnant Radio, Satellite, Podcasting, Terrestrial, and Streaming. Audio is all we do, and we do it right.
Locations we serve remnant radio ads: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Diego, Minneapolis, Jacksonville and much more.

Kevin Mannix, President

Kevin has over 20 years of media and marketing experience, with his core focus all things audio. Beginning with ABC Radio in 2000, he sold local spot radio in New York and for the 20 Owned and Operated ABC radio properties. Following that success, in 2004 he became Business Development Manager at Integrated Marketing & Promotional Services. Kevin moved on in 2005 and helped develop an online exchange of inventory between broadcasters and clients at the publicly traded Softwave Media Exchange. In 2007, Kevin helped launch Hybrid Media Services as a founding partner.

Kevin oversees the media and sales departments at Hybrid. Under his leadership for over a decade, Kevin has guided Hybrid to become one of the leaders in the direct response radio industry. Kevin has a diverse category background in finance, patient recruitment, auto, education, insurance, nutraceuticals and many more.

Kevin has a BA from Hobart College and lives in Pleasantville, NY with his wife Tina and three sons, Jack, Tyler & Dylan.

Jay Keay, CEO

Jay started his career in the radio industry with national rep firm Eastman Radio in 1971 and over the next 32 years worked at Christal Radio and Infinity Broadcasting (later becoming CBS Radio) where he headed the new business division in New York. He left CBS in 2003 to launch IMPS, Inc. which in 2007 became known as Hybrid Media Services. Over 47 years, Jay held sales management positions in all sectors of the industry giving him a unique perspective when working with our clients at Hybrid Media.

Jay currently resides in Chappaqua with his wife Suzanne and enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family.

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