How to create a fun radio ad

Learn about four ways to create a fun radio ad and read about some funny radio ads examples

A 30-second radio ad does not seem like enough time to make someone want to buy your product. But if your script is interesting, 30 seconds can be more than enough, especially if your ad is played over and over again on a number of popular radio stations. In addition, people listening to music on the way to work in their car will become familiar with your brand.

Radio advertising gets the word out about your business in a way that works. The right radio ad can help people know about your brand, bring people to your store, and keep your company in people’s minds when they are making decisions. But if you want your radio advertising to work, you need the right script. Here are some tips that can help you write a winning ad script.

Clever/funny writing

Using humor is a great way to connect your brand with your listeners. In fact, ads can be more memorable with a little bit of laughter. When people remember your brand better, they are more likely to come to you when they need your product or service. Just do not put the jokes at someone else’s expense and focus on positive humor.

Most ads get straight to the point because of limited time focusing on the details, but details do not stick in people’s minds. Humor creates a unique ad people will look forward to hearing again. Wit and banter have undeniable power on the radio as long as the laughter it causes is relevant to the audience you want to reach and the message you want to send. 

A funny voice can go a long way, but you should make sure it fits with the theme you have chosen. Making funny ads is an art, but it is worth practicing because it gives your target audience something they will remember. Just keep in mind that if you run a campaign for a long time, you may need to change your message to keep it from getting old.

Use great music or sound effects

While you may think only the listeners of a radio ad will hear your script, it’s not. Everyone who brings the ad to the radio will hear it too and share it with friends and family along with your listeners. However, this works only if they enjoy the music or the sound effects that add dimension to the script. 

With the right script, you can use sound to create images that make your message more interesting. If you use the mind as a theater and write a script that makes people think of images, thoughts, and feelings, you will have a powerful sound people hear over and over in their minds. They can recall this sound when they think of your brand and product. Use sound effects, a jingle, a story, or even voice actors to give your video a certain tone or personality. All of these will help make images that people will remember.

Poke fun at the radio advertising medium

People who listen to a lot of radio stations know what is wrong with their preferred radio station, like repeat songs. If you use this to your advantage, the audience will immediately feel like you are on their side and like they know you or want to know you. Also, poking fun at the medium allows them to continue making conversation about you even when the ad ends, which means more people listening to your brand longer. 

Do something interesting

When you write dialogue, keep your readers in mind. Think about your average customer. Radio ads let you get into the homes, businesses, and cars of your customers. Imagine that you get to talk to them and start a dialogue. Make a conversation that talks about your brand in a clear and natural way. 

Additionally, one of the best ways to connect with your audience is to use emotion. Do not overdo it, but use words and images that are likely to make people feel something. People are more likely to remember your brand if they feel an emotional connection to your product. 

Whether or not radio ads are a big part of your marketing plan, you need to know your audience very well. If you do not know what they want to read, you will not be able to give it to them. Think about their age, gender, budget, and wants. Use this information to create a bold ad people will connect with on a personal level. Have a little fun, too, because if you have fun, your audience will too. 

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