How To Create Great Radio Ads

Learn how to make an effective radio advertisement

Radio advertising has been rapidly evolving in the digital world. Music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora and the rise of podcasts have made radio advertising more relevant than ever. From a business perspective, radio ads offer a golden opportunity to reach listeners with a story, impact them viscerally, reinforce your brand’s identity and value, and push a call to action. 

How do I make a good radio ad?

For any business, the goal of a radio ad is to reach your potential customers. That starts with getting your listeners attention, which not only requires that the right audience is being reached, but also that you have a relevant message that stands out. 

What should I put in a radio ad?

While what goes into your ad really depends on the type or format of the ad, as well as the product or service being offered, all ads should have some similar elements. 

These include an introduction that grabs the user’s attention, voice over work and/or music if it is a jingle, and a call to action at the end.  

How do I make my radio ad stand out?

Research has shown that the best ads actually tend to be quite simple – even though they may have required a lot of work to produce them. 

A great radio ad will often be simple, direct, and honest, where the advertiser isn’t afraid to show a little personality, and there is a human element to them that may allow listeners to make a personal connection with the brand. 

How much does it cost to make a radio ad?

A big benefit of advertising through the medium of audio is the relatively low production cost when compared to mediums like video commercials or ads that require photoshoots. There is no need for lighting, cameras, and an assortment of equipment. All that a radio ad needs to be effective is strong writing and a compelling voice. 

Ad rates vary depending on location and service. An ad for a New York City radio station is much more expensive than an ad with a local radio station in a small town.  A 30-second ad with the latter is likely under $50 per week, with the former likely being over $1,000.

How do you write a 30 second radio ad?

Some tips for writing a 30-second radio ad include:

  1. Don’t be afraid to show some personality
  2. Use some humor to stand out
  3. A problem-solution structure may be useful
  4. Hone in on your distinct value proposition
  5. Don’t do the “next 30 callers” thing
  6. Be consistent through all your marketing
  7. Make your ad localized
  8. Capitalize on trends
  9. Open with something to stand out and grab users attention
  10. End with a call-to-action, whether it be a number to call or website to visit

How many words is a 30 second radio ad?

A 30 second radio spot should be roughly 75-80 words long. However, pacing is key. 

You don’t want your speaker to be rushed, as listeners may not be able to catch what is said. You also don’t want to be too slow, as listeners will lose interest. There also should be appropriate spacing to the ad. A pause can sometimes make the next sentence more impactful. 

Finally, the tone of the ad can impact pace. An ad for an event may want to get users excited and have a voice over that uses a loud voice that speaks a little faster than normal, but that wouldn’t be appropriate for an ad for a funeral home, where a more somber or compassionate tone is likely to be used.  

Use radio advertising as an effective way to reach your audience

While many have incorrectly asserted that radio is on a downward spiral, it’s actually more relevant than ever as the new generations continue to listen and new services like Spotify, Pandora, and podcast services have gained in popularity. 

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