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Hybrid Media has spent over 15 years with a singular focus on leveraging the power of radio to benefit our clients. With a 100% focus on radio advertising, we aren’t distracted by other marketing channels.

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We leverage the four platforms of radio – AM/FM, Satellite, Streaming and Podcasts – to deliver the results you define as “success.”

Network Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising Network Ads

Elevate your brand’s reach and impact with our tailored network radio campaigns that will resonate with your target audience. Our team of experienced professionals understands the power of network radio advertising, and we utilize cutting-edge strategies to ensure your message reaches the right ears at the right time. Whether you’re a local business looking to expand or a national brand seeking widespread exposure, our network radio advertising services have got you covered. Drive results, boost brand awareness, and experience the true potential of network radio advertising with Hybrid Media Services. Let’s amplify your success together!

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From initial planning to post-campaign, we guarantee to provide the most accurate data that will heighten expectations for all advertising businesses.


Hybrid Media has years of historical data that will ensure we are providing focused and optimal media execution to achieve your company goals.


Hybrid provides a full-service of creative possibilities. We strive to prove our creative messaging works from copy collaboration to the finished recorded production.


The Hybrid team has decades of extensive advertising and marketing experience, with knowledge in direct response radio, podcasting & streaming.


Keeping the client’s performance in mind, we continually optimize media to maximize ROI. Our goal is to ensure every dollar is spent efficiently to drive response.

Discover How Network Radio Advertising Can Get You Higher Quality Leads, Faster Than Other Advertising Channels, And At An Affordable Price

Network Radio Audience

1 %
Of Americans

listen to the radio every week.

1 %
Of Americans

listen to the radio every single day. 

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Radio Stations

in the United States alone. 

Why Run A Network Radio Advertising Campaign?

Running a network radio advertising campaign can be the game-changer your business needs. Unlike other advertising channels, radio has a unique ability to connect with audiences on a personal level. With a network radio campaign, your message can reach a vast and diverse audience, maximizing your brand’s visibility and impact. Contact us to inquire about network radio ads and how we can help you run a network radio ad campaign today!


Network Radio Advertising FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about Network Radio ads

Network radio advertising is a powerful marketing tool that influences consumers while promoting products and services over a network of radio stations across multiple markets. It works by increasing brand awareness, generating sales, and reaching a wider audience than local radio advertising with a single ad buy. Our network at Hybrid Media has extensive coverage across the U.S. and is accessible to every American who has a car, mobile device or smart speaker. Radio has the widest reach across almost every demographic and culture, surpassing all other forms of media, and can be accessed on all screens and platforms throughout a consumer’s day.

Ways to measure network radio campaigns include reach (how well you reach your target audience), brand awareness studies, website traffic, total sales and ROAS (return on ad spend). Advertisers can pinpoint specific demographics based on location, income,age, gender, and interests, as well as choose specific programs or time slots to air ads.

Network radio advertising has a wider reach with a single ad buy for multiple markets across the country while national spot radio advertising provides more localized messaging.

A general formula for calculating costs of a radio ad includes the number of listeners multiplied by the cost to reach 1000 listens (CPM). Radio advertising network costs vary based on the audience demographics, specific programming, network reach, campaign duration, and chosen time slots.

The number of people listening to a radio station varies based on time of day, time of year, station, and program popularity. For example, during peak hours on a nationally recognized network, the cost for a 30-second ad can be over $10,000, while a smaller network may charge less than $500 for the same spot. It’s best to reach out to Hybrid Media for specific pricing information.

Network radio advertising provides you with measurable results. It tracks the number of listeners and audience demographics through audience surveys, ratings reports and online data. Brand awareness is measured by tracking social media mentions and engagements. Website traffic and sales can be measured by tracking referral sources, online purchases and phone inquiries. Specific calls to action with URLs can track direct responses to ads.

Effectiveness of network radio advertising depends on the target audience, the time slot or show where it airs, and the quality of the ad. For brands with national reach wanting to advertise across multiple markets, network radio advertising is a successful way to quickly reach a broad audience. Distribution of network radio advertising ads is managed by the network station. Ads are pre-recorded and broadcast during specific time slots or shows. 

Remnant radio advertising offers last minute unsold inventory of radio spots. Direct response advertising targets a specific audience who are prospective customers where the call to action is intended to drive measurable results. Pandora radio advertising has different options where your ad can be woven into a potential user’s listening experience. Spotify advertising runs on a popular music streaming platform playing music and podcasts. Spotify advertising suggests a range of ad formats, including video, audio, and display ads that can be customized  for specific demographics and listening preferences.

Out of all advertising channels, radio advertising holds the largest percentage of collective trust. Radio continues to quickly adapt to emerging technologies. Nielsen studies report that radio advertising reaches 92% of the U.S. population each week – more than any other media platform. Smart speakers, smartphones and other mobile devices have helped to create this rise. Radio reaches more consumers each week than TV, digital, mobile or even Facebook. 95% of cars have radios and 99% of homes have radios. Studies show that radio advertising influences consumer behavior keeping your brand top of mind. It is an affordable way to reach a large target audience and encourages listeners to buy.

In a study presented by Nielsen Catalina at the Advertising Research Foundation conference, radio offered the best advertising return on investment at 6:1.

At a positioning radio session at the 2023 National Association of Broadcasters, Pierre Bouvard of Westwood One and Cumulus Media, the largest audio network in America,  stated the share growth for every dollar spent on radio ads is $28.

Network radio advertising is more cost effective than TV advertising and allows more flexibility when targeting specific demographics. The choice between TV and radio depends on an advertiser’s specific marketing goals, their budget and the audience they want to reach. Hybrid Media can help you make a decision about network radio advertising  for your business. Radio can drive web traffic, foot traffic, event attendance, and return on investment.

In addition to providing complete coverage across the United States with a national reach, network radio offers a diverse range of programming catering to a wide audience with varied interests. Using network radio advertising marketing, you can leverage syndicated programming to persuade loyal listeners to buy your product or service, as well as reach prospective customers.

 Network radio advertising leads listeners to a call to action, while staying focused on delivering a return on investment (ROI). Hybrid Media network radio advertising results in significant savings for all of our clients. Our goal is to ensure every dollar is spent in the most efficient way to drive response.

Partner with Hybrid Media today and use network radio advertising to connect to potential consumers while maximizing your marketing budget and saving money.