Case Study

Insurance Client X


In the Fall of 2018, Insurance Client X was launched with the goal of providing workers’ compensation exclusively to small businesses. The challenge was introducing a brand-new company and its services to the radio airwaves without credibility or brand awareness.

Strategic Target

M25-54/A25-54 with HHI $100K-$200k. Small business owners

Media Deployed

Local Spot Radio in 14 markets, which was followed by SXM Satellite Radio

Strategic Planning/Buying Approach

Developed a 4 week/$100k total media schedule on targeted News, Talk, and Sports stations via direct response radio

Stations were chosen based on ratings and research that showed over-indexed listenership among small business owners

Wrote, edited, and produced 2 creatives that were run in a 50/50 rotation

SXM Satellite Radio was introduced in Q3 as the client added more approved states to do business in


The client saw an immediate 50% lift on direct web traffic in the 1st month

Control creative was established after the initial test as it saw a 20% better response

Additional testing over the 1st 3 months resulted in budgets doubling for Q2 in local radio

SXM produced a 25% lift nationally in the 1st month and had larger avg premiums sold as compared to local radio

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