Rich Kagan

Rich Kagan

VP, Business Development

Rich has always been an incredible forward-thinking Marketing Executive.  With over 30 years of experience, Rich continues to devise ground breaking programs for his clients.


As a graduate of San Diego State University and a previous Vice President of Sales for CBS Radio for almost two decades, Rich is a stalwart in the industry.


One of his many great accomplishments was the creation of The Howard Stern Unwired Radio Network, in which Rich was the Founder and President.


As Vice President of New Business Development, Rich brings the same exceptional skill set to the Hybrid Media Team.

Who we are.

10 years ago it all started with the realization that all the media experience can be put together with a whole new sense of what’s possible-create a new media sales formula-with over 200 years of buying experience, helping Hybrid Media become one of the leaders in the direct response radio industry.

Built on a solid foundation.