Kevin Mannix

Kevin Mannix


Kevin Mannix has more than 15 years of media sales experience. Beginning with ABC Radio in 2000, he sold local spot radio in New York and for the 20 Owned and Operated ABC radio properties. Following that success, in 2004 he became Business Development Manager at Integrated Marketing & Promotional Services. Kevin moved on in 2005 and helped develop an online exchange of inventory between broadcasters and clients at the publicly traded Softwave Media Exchange. In 2007, Kevin and Jay Keay took their clients to start Hybrid Media Services, eventually becoming a partner in August of 2008.


Kevin works with multiple ad agencies and advertisers across the country, helping Hybrid become one of the leaders in the direct response radio industry. Kevin has a diverse category background in finance, patient recruitment, auto, education, insurance, nutraceuticals and many more.


Kevin has a BA from Hobart College and lives in Pleasantville, New York with his wife Tina and 3 sons, Jack, Tyler & Dylan.

Who we are.

10 years ago it all started with the realization that all the media experience can be put together with a whole new sense of what’s possible-create a new media sales formula-with over 200 years of buying experience, helping Hybrid Media become one of the leaders in the direct response radio industry.

Built on a solid foundation.