How To Advertise On Podcasts

Statistics at a Glance

1 billion

Projected podcast ad spend by 2021, an 85% increase year over year.
Podcast audiences are well educated and affluent, making them a very desirable group to marketers.
62 million

Number of people in the U.S. who listen to podcasts on a weekly basis.
Podcast listeners are super fans of audio, consuming an average of 7 podcasts a week.

Make a purchase after hearing podcast ads.
Podcast influencers have a loyal fan base and are a trusted source for their listeners.

Of listeners approve of podcast advertising.
Ad segments are limited, offering advertisers a remarkably high
share of voice.


Industry & Competive Insights

We do our homework

Strategic Media Planning

We listen carefully and plan according to the brand’s goals and objectives

Creative Ideation

Creative Ideation

We are fluent in effective messaging

Smart Buying

Smart Buying

We find the right shows that perfectly sync with the brand, products and services

Analysis & Optimization

Analysis & Optimization

We collect and meticulously analyze data in order to optimize media