Hans Dorsainvil

Hans Dorsainvil, VP, Account Services

For over 22 years Hans has been an Advertising and Sales Executive servicing clients within the multiplatform media arena, primarily focusing in Radio, Television and Digital. From his early days back 1994 working for News Station WBZ-AM in Boston in Promotions and Sales, to working at Sports Radio WFAN-AM from 1996 -1998 selling the NY Knicks, Rangers, Mets, Jets and Giants, to his Radio experience at WABC-AM in New York, from 1998 to 2003, Hans has also been about creating innovative strategic marketing opportunities for his clients. From WABC-AM Hans went on to become Director of Sales for ABC National Television Sales representing Disney 10 Owned and Operated Stations from 2003 to 2011.

Since 2011 Hans has been a Vice President of Client Services here at Hybrid Media servicing a large array of accounts. The mantra he had back then is the same one he believe in today. “Go the extra mile for your clients…… It’s never crowded”

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