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Experience The Hybrid Difference

Full transparency

Unlike other agencies, our clients see each and every rate for all media placed, with actual affidavits from all vendors. How can you truly know your cost per call or acquisition if you don’t know the actual cost of your media?.


Once we have gathered and thoroughly reviewed each week’s post buy, our clients receive a detailed analysis of all dollars placed on each station or network in an easy to read, actionable document. This is critical as it allows us to provide our clients with the assurance that we are continually optimizing to verify that their dollars are being well spent.


Over 10 years of weekly cost per call and cost per sale data complied from a wide variety of advertising verticals for over 1150 radio stations and networks. This data is a vital tool in designing the perfect, cost effective test and roll out for clients.


Our senior staff has well over 200 years of combined radio experience. We know the market top-to-bottom and have solid, long term relationships with all the major networks and radio groups, including their senior management to ensure the best clearance at the lowest rates possible.