A senior marketing executive for a major American retailer told Westwood One that Pandora listeners light up social media in anger, complaining bitterly about hearing their ad over and over.
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Sure, the sense of hearing rarely gets top billing in a world that has grown to love its visuals. But radio continues to prove to performance-based marketers that it’s worth a second listen.
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In the latest Nielsen report, in the Hispanic 18+ demo, radio runs away with the audience.  Approximately 96.7% of the Hispanic population is reached by radio on a weekly basis.
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Radio’s reach among adults remains solidly out in front of all media platforms, according to Nielsen’s Q2 2016 Comparable Metrics Report.
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The amount of time Americans spend with streaming audio skyrocketed in the past year, especially on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads. There are even bigger gains among Hispanics and African-Americans. At the same time, Nielsen’s latest Total Audience Report shows the amount of time spent tuning into over-the-air broadcasts also inched higher.
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Radio remains one of America’s two ongoing favorite media sources, second only to television. And Nielsen’s Q1 2016 Comparable Metrics Report offers an in-depth look at how adult consumers access television, radio, TV-connected devices, smartphones and tablets and how much they use them. In all, consumers spend 13 hours and 1 minute with radio every week.
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Radio has long positioned itself as the medium closet to the point of purchase, allowing marketers to reach consumers in those critical last moments in their path to shop. But with digital and social media now routinely accompanying consumers into the store, does radio’s “most-recent” status still hold water?
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More than three-fourths of American drivers (77%) listen to AM/FM radio in the car at least weekly. That total dwarfs all other audio options, including CD players (41%), connecting a phone (27%), satellite radio (23%), Pandora (18%), Spotify (13%), Apple Music (10%) and Amazon Music (10%).
That’s one of the topline results from new research of 1,200 English-speaking American drivers aged 18-64 from Frank Magid & Associates.
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